D A R K  N E T W O R K

Coming Soon!  Dark Network, the sequel to Faithless Elector, by James McCrone is a pacy thriller about a conspiracy to subvert democracy. Another timely, compelling suspense-thriller for turbulent times. Available October 20, 2017.

Dark Network, the second Imogen Trager novel, finds the determined heroine of the “highly suspenseful” Faithless Elector searching for the truth. The Electoral College conspiracy she helped smash may be over, but the nation is still without a president-elect. She’ll have to fight against time, a sinister network—even her own colleagues—to defeat the conspiracy to steal the presidency.

Left on the edges of the investigation, she joins forces with Trey Kelly, an FBI network specialist, also a Bureau outsider. Together, they struggle to find the back door the conspirators may have left unlocked. They’ll have to hurry. There’s only a month until the inauguration of a new president.

Although not based directly on events now gripping the world, Dark Network nevertheless resonates with them, offering a sharp critique of a US political system that didn’t anticipate the ruthlessness of a modern criminal-business complex. With fraught, evocative prose, James McCrone shows how easily power can be stolen from the people by a hidden network with a criminal agenda.

The FBI is leaking, the Attorney General is being undermined, politicians are spinning, Social Media is in an uproar and a murderous dark network is gunning for anyone standing in its way.

DARK NETWORK is available October 20, 2017

The first book, Faithless Elector, published in early 2016, was described by Publishers Weekly as “a fast moving political thriller.” 

Imogen Trager, the glamorous and determined heroine of that book, has not given up her fight for the truth, and she is again central to the action in Dark Network.

Coming next! CONSENT of the GOVERNED. 

Dark Network, is the sequel to the 5-Star rated political thriller Faithless Elector

author_photo    James McCrone

Faithless Elector is Available Now at Penn Book Center and Head House Books in Phila. and on Amazon, and as an e-reader

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